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Uses: Dovetail milling cutters are mainly used for processing tough materials such as high-strength castings, heat-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel, and anti-rust steel.Features and precision: The tool is a special tool with high efficiency, long lif
Features and accuracy of T-slot milling cutter The T-slot milling cutter is a special tool for processing T-slots. After straight slot milling, the T-slot can be milled at one time to meet the requirements. The end face of the milling cutter has a suit
Carbide woodworking cutter Is the harder the tool the more wear-resistant and easier to use? wrong! ! ! This is a big misunderstanding. It can process heat-treating tools with high hardness materials, but not suitable for processing soft steel. The
Tungsten steel milling cutters are widely used in CNC machining centers. When it comes to tungsten steel milling cutters, you have to mention the selection of the cutting parameters of tungsten steel milling cutters. Let’s learn more about it: The
The vapor deposition method is used to coat the surface of the high-strength tool substrate with a few microns of high hardness, high wear-resistant refractory Ti-Al-X-N coating to reduce tool wear, extend tool life, and increase cutting speed. The
The emergence of deep hole drills has brought great convenience to our life and work, so how do we maintain them in our daily lives? 1. The protective equipment should be complete, and the drilling machine base should be installed firmly and smooth
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