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What are the characteristics of aluminum milling cutter
Time:2020-09-21 Read: 990

Currently used machining aluminum parts are mainly divided into two major categories: deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy. Then, what milling cutter is used for processing aluminum alloy, whether it is aluminum alloy special milling cutter or aluminum alloy special cutter, which has better processing efficiency? This article discusses what milling cutter is used to process aluminum alloy from the aspects of aluminum alloy milling characteristics, machining tools and cutting parameters.

1. Processing characteristics of aluminum alloy

Milling aluminum alloy has the following main features:

1. Compared with other quenched steels, the hardness of aluminum alloy is lower than that of titanium alloy and other quenched steels. Of course, the hardness of aluminum alloy after heat treatment is also very high, or die-cast aluminum alloy. The HRC hardness of ordinary aluminum plate is generally lower than HRC 40 degrees. Therefore, when machining aluminum alloy, the load of the tool is very small. Due to the good thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy, the cutting temperature of milling aluminum alloy is relatively low, thereby increasing the milling speed of aluminum alloy.

2. Aluminum alloy has low plasticity and low melting point. In aluminum alloy processing, the sticking problem is serious, the chip removal performance is poor, and the surface roughness is also high. In fact, the processing of aluminum alloy is mainly rod-shaped knife, and the roughness effect is not good. As long as the two problems of sticking knife and processing surface quality are solved, the processing problem of aluminum alloy will be solved.

3. The tool is easy to wear because the unsuitable tool material is used. When processing aluminum alloy, the tool wear is often accelerated due to problems such as tool sticking and chip removal.

Generally, 3-blade aluminum milling cutters are used to process aluminum alloys. Secondly, due to the difference in processing conditions, 2-blade ball-end cutters or 4-blade flat-bottom cutters are likely to be used. But it is recommended that in most cases, a 3-flute flat-bottomed end mill can be used.

1. The choice of tungsten steel milling cutter for aluminum is generally 3 blades, and the material is generally YG cemented carbide, which can reduce the chemical affinity of the tool and aluminum alloy. General CNC tool brands have special milling cutter series products for processing aluminum alloy.

2. High-speed steel milling cutters for high-speed steel aluminum are relatively sharp, and can also process aluminum alloys well.

3. Cutting parameters of milling aluminum alloy

Generally, high-speed and large-feed milling can be selected for processing ordinary aluminum alloy. Secondly, choose a larger rake angle as much as possible to increase the chip space and reduce the phenomenon of sticking. If it is a finishing aluminum alloy, water-based cutting fluid cannot be used to avoid the formation of small pinholes on the processed surface. Generally, kerosene or diesel oil can be used as the cutting fluid for aluminum plate processing. The cutting speed of machining aluminum alloy milling cutters differs due to the material and parameters of the milling cutter, and the processing technology. Specific cutting parameters can be processed based on the cutting parameters given by the manufacturer.

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