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Characteristics and accuracy of T-groove milling cutter
Time:2020-09-21 Read: 1133

Features and accuracy of T-slot milling cutter

The T-slot milling cutter is a special tool for processing T-slots. After straight slot milling, the T-slot can be milled at one time to meet the requirements. The end face of the milling cutter has a suitable cutting angle, and the teeth of the cutter are inclined.

T-slot milling cutter product information

Bar: 0.4μm ultra-fine particle tungsten steel bar with better wear resistance.

Technology: TIALN high-tech coating, longer service life.

Cost-effective: Compared with similar products, it has lower procurement costs.

Scope of application: strong versatility, suitable for processing different types of mold materials.

Technical support: Provide more accurate tool selection and cutting parameter matching to ensure that the tool performs better.

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