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Use of carbide cutting tools
Time:2020-09-21 Read: 1592

1. Operators must be trained and familiar with the performance and operating specifications of the equipment.

2. Ensure that the saw blade is installed tightly to prevent the saw blade from slipping.

3. The machine should have good performance, no swing, flat spindle without deformation, and shaft diameter tolerance not exceeding H7.

4. When installing alloy saw blade machinery and equipment, a protective cover should be installed to prevent damage to the saw blade.

5. When installing the alloy saw blade, only use the clamping device provided by the equipment supplier to fix it firmly. The diameter of the flange should be adapted to the saw blade, and the size should be 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade. The flange of 1/2 saw blade diameter should be used for better sawing effect.

6. Ensure that the saw blade and flange are clean and flat, and confirm that there is no abnormal wear, deformation and foreign matter adhesion on the surface.

7. Assemble in the direction of rotation indicated by the arrow of the alloy saw blade. If the direction is reversed, the cutter head will fall off and an accident may occur. It is strictly forbidden to hit the saw blade substrate.

8. Confirm that the selected saw blade is suitable for the material to be cut, and prevent abnormal phenomena such as abnormal wear of the saw blade, alloy shedding, poor cutting, and overheating.

9. After replacing the alloy saw blade, it should be idling for five minutes before use, and check the equipment for vibration, whether the saw blade has any abnormal phenomena such as lateral and radial runout.

10. If the saw blade is insensitive to cutting, it should be sharpened in time, and a suitable diamond grinding wheel and professional cutting fluid should be selected when grinding. It is not recommended to use manual sharpening machines for sharpening. The original angle of the saw blade cannot be changed during sharpening.

11. Work according to the feeding speed required by the equipment. Do not exceed the maximum speed and feed rate of the saw blade.

12. When grinding the alloy, grind correctly according to the 1:3 relationship between the front angle and the back angle. If only the front is ground, the service life of the saw blade will be shortened, and the entire wear area should be fully ground.

13. It is recommended that the reaming of the saw blade does not exceed 20mm of the original aperture, otherwise it will cause an imbalance in the tension value of the saw blade substrate, which will affect the use effect and cutting accuracy of the saw blade.

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