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Can you tell how flat drills and end mills are used?
Time:2020-09-18 Read: 915

1. How to distinguish between flat bottom drills and end mills when machining countersinking?

Flat bottom drills and end mills have flat angles on the top shape. I wonder if you have carefully compared the top of these two tools. Relatively speaking, the top of the flat bottom drill is completely flat, while the top part of the end mill is slightly recessed.

Therefore, the flat bottom drill can not only complete the ordinary blind hole processing, but also complete the counter-hole processing. If you use an end mill to machine, there will be a small protrusion on the bottom of the hole that does not penetrate.

2. So flat bottom drills have better performance, right?

Can't say whose performance is better. Although the flat bottom drill is similar in appearance to the end mill, as a tool, it is still a drill bit and can only be used as a fixed-size hole processing. Therefore, if you want to process different hole countersink drills, you need to prepare different Size drill bit. The end mill can process holes of different sizes through the spiral processing method without preparing other processing tools. In addition to flat-bottomed hole processing, it is more important to determine the type of processing to be completed than the material of the workpiece.


Due to the use of flat bottom drills, the boring process using end mills in the past saves time and increases the tool life by increasing the feed rate.

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